MattDoesFitness Net Worth And Total Income

The MuscleandWealth team have spent many hours researching the facts in this article. We analised Matt’s companies, their revenue and turnover, to give the most accurate information on Mattdoesfitness Net Worth. For the in depth analysis, scroll down to the revenue section of this article, where we break down each stream of income in full detail.

MattDoesFitness is a UK fitness YouTube channel best known for documenting his love of bodybuilding and fitness. Matt Morsia is behind the channel and has become well known amongst the fitness influencer world, collaborating with bodybuilders and strongmen alike. Some of his most viewed videos include eating an insane amount of daily calories, and swapping diets with people whom he is the complete opposite to.

The MattDoesFitness YouTube channel is mainly composed of videos on:

  • Food challenges
  • Training
  • Fitness
  • Bodybuilding
  • Powerlifting and more

MattDoesFitness has more than 2.1 million subscribers and over 1,300 videos with a combined viewership of 333.84 million views. Thanks to his hard work, he is now the UK’s #1 fitness YouTuber and 20th worldwide.

Who is MattDoesFitness?

Matt Morsia is a fitness and lifestyle vlogger / influencer and entrepreneur based in the UK. He is renowned for documenting his love of bodybuilding, and more on his YouTube channel, MattDoesFitness. Born on January 19th, 1986 in Folkestone, UK, Matt has always been active and sport loving. He actively engaged in football and later switched to athletics at 18 years where he represented England in the triple jump.

Spinal Injury & Life before success
Matt Morsia retired from athletics due to a prolapsed disc in his spine. He described the pain when sprinting was like being stabbed in the back with each movement. It was at this point during his rehabilitation that he started bodybuilding and powerlifting.

He got so engrossed in being in the gym and rebuilding his body that he quickly got addicted to it. After recovery, he went on to compete in powerlifting and won a silver medal in 2016 at the European Powerlifting Championship.

Back home, he worked as a PE teacher at The Folkestone Academy after graduating from the University of Kent. When his wife started her maternity leave Matt made a decision that changed their lives by creating his YouTube channel and documenting his life for all to see.

Present day
More than 8 years later, his YouTube channel has over 2.1m subscribers and 1,300 videos. Matt makes a great income from Youtube and has helped thousands of people get into fitness around the world. He often uploads to his social media and YouTube channel, whilst getting the chance to fly around the world on occasion to meet other influencers.

You may have seen Matt featured on videos with the likes of Eddie Hall or Mike Thurston, and wondered who is MattDoesFitness? In fact, Matt often collaborates with big fitness stars, competing in fitness challeneges and diet swaps. This is actually one of the things he is most known for on his channel.

Recently Matt swapped diets with the worlds strongest man, Luke Stoltman, with Luke left feeling somewhat unsatisfied with the human sized portions presented to him. He’s also swapped diets for a day with his 5 year old son, and also his wife Sarah.

MattDoesFitness Net Worth

Matt Morsia has multiple streams of income that he has build up over the year, consisting of his YouTube channel, his book and newly released app, as well as being a Gymshark Athlete. We look into each of these in full detail below, explaining the costs and profits, to give you a grant total for Matt Morsia’s net worth.

As of 2022, MattDoesFitness Net Worth is around $1,500,000. This is a combined total from the last few years of earnings, inclusive of the private personal training Matt offered before launching his new app.

Income From YouTube

Matt’s main income from his YouTube channel, which has come a long way when he first started. In fact, back in 2015, Matt was getting 1.7m views and earned a grand total of… NOTHING. That’s right, Matt used to produce videos every week, and earn $0 in ad revenue. He didn’t turn his ads back on until he built his channel up, in the second half of 2016.

Jump forward to present day, and Matt is making around $20,000 a month from his YouTube channel. (Some months even netted him over $27k!) To put this into PER VIDEO perspective, some of Matts popular uploads make around $7k, and he tries to upload at least once a week.

Mattdoesfitness yearly income from YouTube is around $250,000, and he’s been comfortably earning around this figure this for the last 3 years now. Purely from the YouTube perspective, this means Mattdoesfitness net worth is around $700k.

Gymshark Athlete

Unfortunately, Gymshark athletes are told to keep their earnings very secret due to the wide range in pay scale depending on popularity and views. This is understandable and saves any arguments about pay. We can say that we know some gymshark contracts have been leaked in the past to be close to 100k a year.

Gymshark certainly pay well for their top athletes, so we can comfortably assume Matt is making just over 50-60k a year from his gymshark sponsorship.

Businesses(App, Books and Products)

Morsia is a fitness app that provides advanced training plans developed by Matt Morsia and the Morsia team. The training plans are all tailored to your goals and designed to transform your physique. Whether you’re looking to get stronger, build muscle, or lose fat or weight, the app offers years of knowledge and expertise shared by Matt Morsia.

The app is £15 a month and has around 150,000 downloads. Although most will only use the free trial for 7 days. Realistically, around 30% of the users will be paying the monthly fee of £15.

The Morsia Fitness app could potentially be raking in over 500k a year towards Mattdoesfitness net worth.

Besides the app, you can buy his book titled “The 24/7 Body: The Sunday Times Bestselling Guide to Diet and Training.” Available in English, the book has 272 pages with a plan to make you look and feel great. The book shatters all those myths about weight lifting, weight loss, and dieting.

Matt also sells his own branded ear buds through his Morsia App website, although given the website traffic estimates and market for lesser-known audio devices we’d imagine the income is not worth noting for this just yet.

Is Mattdoesfitness Natty or Not?

Many people choose to call out Matt on his social media and YouTube comment section for being “obviously on steroids” without having any evidence at all. In fact, this has become a topic that nearly all fitness YouTubers have had to address during some point in their career, because the rumors never stop.

Even after testing, some viewers still believe the wider conspiracy that even the testing was rigged. There really is no pleasing some people.

However, the question stands and deserves an answer, is Mattdoesfitness Natty or Not?

Matt addressed this recently, and he chose to undergo comprehensive testing for performance-enhancing substances.

He involved a WADA lab where he submitted urine and blood samples. He also submitted another blood sample to another lab plus a polygraph. During testing, Dr. Andrew Chappell, President of World Natural Bodybuilding UK was present to oversee the process.

He chose to undertake the tests not only to prove he is 100% natty. But he wanted to give other gym-goers, especially teens and young adults, the confidence they can achieve their fitness goals. Basically, they can achieve their fitness goals without using performance-enhancing substances. He documented the tests on MattDoesFitness titled “I Got Tested For Steroids.”

The results came back clearly, to prove that Mattdoesfitness is a natural bodybuilder. He even ran tests and was hooked up to a lie detector when asked if he had ever taken steroids or banned substances in the past, to which he answered no and passed with flying colors.

Is Matt Morsia a GymShark Athlete?

Yes, Mattdoesfitness is still a Gymshark athlete. Many of you might have seen Matt’s video on Youtube, titled “Gymshark dropped me”, however you should know this was clickbait prank, that even the Gymshark CEO was involved in. Matt is actually one of the top reps for Gymshark, so we highly doubt he will be dropped any time soon by his long time sponsor.

Matt regularly does giveaways of Gymshark clothing, and also has a discount code available for his followers. It certainly helps that Matt has a friendly relationship with Ben Francis, the CEO of Gymshark, so this makes the deal sweeter for both sides.

The only real way this could fall down, was if Matt launched his own clothing brand and started to move away from Gymshark. Many of the ex-Gymshark athletes have gone down this path in the past, often working out better for them financially.

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