The Alphaland Gym – Membership Price & Everything You Need To Know

What Is Alphaland?

Alphaland Gym is a Multi Gym Complex based in Houston Texas. The idea was born in 2019 and took 2 years to complete, despite the estimation of opening after just 4 months. From a business point of view, Alphaland was a huge financial risk that is proving to be a success so far but the future looks uncertain at the moment. The Alphaland gym price is on the high side, so this could make or break the gym down the road. 

Alphaland Gym is made up of 3 gyms, with 2 larger areas and 1 small gym located at the back of the 30,000 ft complex. The equipment is top end and mostly brand new, with powerlifting and crossfit facilities readily available. The whole complex consists of:

  • Gym 1 (The main gym area)
  • Gym 2 (The 2nd largest Gym area)
  • Gym 3 (Less busy, located at the back of the complex)
  • X2 NCAA sized basketball courts
  • X1 Football field
  • X1 Private workout room for classes
  • X1 On site restaurant (Alpha Eats)
  • A dedicated retail space for clothing, food & drinks

Who Owns Alphaland?

Alphaland Gym was started in 2019 by Christian Guzman – You can follow the journey via his Youtube Channel Here. The build out was delayed due to covid and other unforeseen circumstances that stretched the completion date out to nearly 2 years. 

So who owns Alphaland? The Alphaland Gym is owned by Christian Guzmans Alphalete empire, which is the pillar company behind his other brands success. The Alphalete clothing and 3D Energy Drinks empire will be run out of the Alphaland headquarters upstairs in the office area.

From here, all of Christian Guzman’s businesses will be operating under one roof, with a dedicated customer support team and full photography studio available. 

There will be retail spaces dedicated to Alphalete clothing lines, as well as his friends businesses too, from Buffbunny to Inaka Power. There will even be a Sour Strips retail space (Read about Maxx Chewnings Sour Strip Empire Here)

Alphaland Gym Price

The Alphaland Gym Price is something that is surprisingly not mentioned too much over their Social Media platforms. This could be due to the fear of backlash over the high pricing that is needed to keep a gym of this size in business. Continue reading below to find out why the Alphaland Gym price is this high, and if we think the gym is worth signing up beyond the day passes.

Alphaland Day Pass Price

The Alphaland Gym Price starts at $25 for a single day pass, moving up to $65 for a 3 days pass, and jumping up even higher to $100 for a 5 day pass! Yes you read that right, $100 for 5 days access to the Alphaland Gym.

Monthly Membership Price

The Monthly Alphaland Gym membership cost is a little overwhelming, but understandable at the same time. Members will have to pay an upfront “Initiation Fee” of $179 with a rolling monthly cost of $89.99. 

The reason behind the so-called initiation fee, is to separate the genuine monthly gym members who are local to the area and will be using the gym long term. This is all due to the fame and hype around Alphaland gym, with many day visitors trying to get a selfie with Alphaland Gym Owner Christian Guzman. 

Without the initiation fee, many of the “influencer” members would instead pay the monthly fee of $89 despite only being in the area for a week – This skews the numbers when trying to figure out the financials of the business. Continue reading to find out why the influencer visitors might be an issue long term for Alphaland gym.

Is Alphaland Gym Busy?

Alphaland Gym is mainly filled with day pass visitors, in fact Christian Guzman recently revealed that the majority of the income from Alphaland Gym comes from day passes. If you’re going to visit the gym in the week, the best times to go are usually AFTER 9AM throughout the mid-day until around 5PM when the gym starts to get busy again. At the weekend, it’s usually best to go at the opposite times, before 9AM and AFTER 5/6PM. 

The gym is continuously busy throughout the day, and often you’ll see fitness influencers videoing themselves, or performing workouts in groups of 3-4 around machine sections. This brings us on to the next question:

What is Alphaland Gym Like?

Alphaland gym is like nothing we’ve seen before, unless you’ve of course seen the Gymshark Gym and HQ based in the UK. The Alphaland experience is overwhelming at first due to the size of the complex and multiple buildings for the gym. After the initial reaction, enjoy wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere. 

Keep your eyes peeled, chances are you might catch a glimpse of your favorite youtuber or fitness influencer around the gym. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time however. It’s great if you wanted to pay for the day pass to try and get a selfie with Christian Guzman, but if you came for a workout you might be frustrated by the fact that every wanna-be influencer is flying out to Alphaland. 

Much like the aspiring movie-stars that fly out to Hollywood every year with hopes and dreams, Alphaland gym is the hangout area for every fitness influencer with the goal in mind of becoming the next Alphalete athlete. Either this, or they’re just creating their own content for their social platforms.

If you can get past that – then you might have a great time at Alphaland Gym. The equipment is amazing and you can get a great workout in, most of the time without waiting for a machine to become available. Be sure to make the most of the basketball courts and onsite restaurant after you’ve completed your workout for the day. There is plenty more to offer than just a selfie at Alphaland!

Alphaland Hotel Price & Opening Date

Alphaland Hotel was, and still is in the grand plan, but we may be waiting a few years from now to see if the demand will still be there. The hotel pricing is expected to be under or around $100 a night, with many day visitors needing a place to stay for their short trip. The gym is in an industrial park with not much around it, so if this is the reason for your trip, the hotel might be worth it.

We’re yet to see the price plans, but there could possibly be a discount if you’ve paid the Alphaland gym membership too. 


So now you know the Alphaland Gym owner, the alphaland gym membership cost and what its like to be a member there. Overall, we’d recommend the day pass to the gym but if you’re looking for a high quality gym to get the most out of your workouts, you might be best somewhere else. For the monthly Alphaland gym membership cost, you’d probably be better off at a health and fitness gym, with access to saunsas and hydrotherapy pools to help with recovery and mental wellbeing. That is of course, you’d prefer a basketball court and football field instead. An added bonus of the Alphaland gym is the inspiration you may get when seeing influencers putting in the work in the gym. 

What do you think of the Alphaland membership cost and experience? Will you be heading down to Texas for a day pass at the gym? Let us know in the comments

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