Simeon Panda’s Latest YouTube Video Shows How To Pack On Muscle With NO Access To A Gym

At the time of writing, CoronaVirus is sweeping the world and most countries have taken lockdown precautions which include the closure of gym and fitness centres. To help stay fit while remaining safe and indoors during this difficult time, some of our favourite Youtube stars and fitness celebrities are putting together workouts that do not need access to a gym.

Simeon Panda, the London born fitness superstar with an estimated net worth of around $1m can be seen in his latest video in an eerily quiet park in LA, showing us how to workout without gym equipment.

Using only a park bench Simeon demonstrates a full body workout. Check out at his routine below:

Warm Up:

Leg Swings 10 Reps

Arm Swings: 10 Reps

Incline Mountain Climbers (Great for targeting Abs, Hip Flexors, Shoulders)
1 x 30 seconds.

1 x 30 seconds.


1 x 30 seconds.

Bench Squat Jumps:

3 x 15 Reps

Bench Squat jumps 15 reps of 3 x sets targeting legs you will use your core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves to move yourself onto the bench during the upward phase of this movement. When landing your quads will do most of the work 

Simeon’s tips on form:

  • Try to Land as softly as possible
  • Control the descent onto the box/bench by keeping your core engaged.

Incline Push Ups:
3 x 20 Reps

Targeting Chest, Triceps and Core when performing your incline pushups make sure your body is in a straight line form tips your hands should be shoulder-width-apart and keep your body straight, head inline with your spine.

Bench Dips
3 x 15 Reps
Targets Chest & Triceps, keep your arms tucked by your side and lower yourself down using your triceps. A slow decline or negative repetition, will help keep constant tension and increase the difficulty during this exercise.

Bulgarian Split Squat

3 x 15 Reps
Sets targeting Quads Simeon adds it can take some trial-and-error to find proper foot placement to perform these comfortably.

Simeon Panda wearing Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 / Turbo 35s. Credit: Simeon Panda Youtube

Single Leg Bridge & Curl

3 x 15 Reps

Targeting Hamstrings & Glutes

Finishing off with

Knee Pull In and Airbike 

15 reps of knee pulls followed immediately by 15 seconds of airbike. This will count as 1 set, aim for 3 sets in total for this burning finish to the workout.

And there you have it! This workout doesn’t need gym equipment, and you don’t even need to be in sunny LA, although sunshine probably makes this better. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Sometimes workouts like this offer unexpected results due to the different ways your muscles are worked, shocking your body to respond. You’ll shock your muscles again when you return to the gym but for now this should keep you in good shape.

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