Pamela Reif’s 30 Minute Abs & Booty workout! Can You Keep Up?

Pamela Reif, the popular 23 year old German fitness vlogger, has given us a new workout to blast those abs and grow those glutes with some bodyweight exercises to do at home.
Pamela has grown her Youtube following to an impressive 2 million subscribers, with nearly 5 million followers on instagram.   

This abs & booty challenge is harder than it looks, but the results speak for themselves. Pamela looks in perfect shape as always, showing off her abs in a pink crop top, sporting a 5 Series Apple Watch and Puma Zone XT trainers.

30 Seconds Crunch with Knee Lift  – Pamela mentioned if you wish to make it harder you can do instead 30 Seconds Crunch with Leg Lifts – both exercises are perfect for targeting the midsection of your abdominis muscle.

Credit – Pamela Raif’s YouTube

30 Seconds Bicycle Crunches  – To perform these the most effective way. Reif recommends the knee needs to meet the opposite elbow. This workout is again, perfect for working the core abdominis.
Credit – Pamela Raif’s YouTube

30 Second Reverse Crunch – Working all major ab muscles this is a must for everyone’s home workout routine. Pamela adds keeping your hands by your side to maintain your balance while performing Reverse Crunches.  

Credit – Pamela Raif’s YouTube


30 Second Russian Twists – Reif starts off by raising her legs in the air to add more difficulty to the workout. However, she suggests putting your feet on the ground if it’s too hard then to lean back with your upper body as much as possible to create tension in the abs.

Credit – Pamela Raif’s YouTube

  • 30 Second Roll In
    Credit – Pamela Raif’s YouTube

The rest of the workout is listed below and can be visually explained in the video if you’re not sure how to do some of the exercises:

  • 30 Second Bicycle Crunch
  • 30 Second Side Plank Pull Left
  • 30 Second Side Plank Hold Left
  • 30 Second Side Plank Pull Right
  • 30 Second Side Plank Hold Right
    30 Second Cross Crunches 
  • 30 Second Cross Reach Right
  • 30 Second Cross Reach Left
  • 30 Second Reverse Crunch (Again)

This workout is not for the faint hearted and certainly takes some grit to get it all done within half an hour. The hardest part about fitting this workout in half an hour is keeping an eye on your rest times, this is important for finding that burn and getting the most out of your workout. With all bodyweight exercises, this is primarily meant for toning but you could really develop some muscle mass if you stick at it.

Let us know if you managed to complete this challenge, and do you think you could work this into your weekly routine? 

Source YouTube Video


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