Mike Thurston Takes On Dubai

Mike Thurston is a Youtube fitness icon who has just under 1 million subscribers and runs his own successful online training plan website. After living in London for the last 3 years, Mike took the plunge and jetted off to the sun kissed beaches of Dubai where he plans to spend the next 6 months or so enjoying new adventures, meeting new people and growing his business.

Recently Mike spoke about how moving to Dubai has revealed a whole new level of wealth which has inspired him to grow even further. Home to the super rich and powerful, it’s clear to see how anyone would be motivated to become more when surrounded by luxury and wealth. Although not on the same podium as the oil lords of the middle east, Mike can definitely afford this lifestyle as he talked about his finances in a previous Youtube video.

Mike Thurston has an estimated net worth of about $8 million, this is an unofficial claim from 3rd party web sources. What we do know is that in Mike’s very transparent video he explained how he managed to increase his income by an extra £15,000 a month. This is spread across his online training programs and his Youtube income, but his total figure is much more than this. His training courses alone generate about £21,000 a month with Youtube estimated to bring in about £6,000 – £8,000 a month, we don’t have much information on his new founded swim short company but you can trust that this is bringing in a few thousand on top of his Bulk Powders affiliate earnings. All in, it’s a rough figure of about £33,000 ($39,000) a month and a yearly total of £396k ($469k) which is more than impressive!

Since moving to Dubai, Mike is renting a luxury apartment in a tower block overlooking the JBR beach with long stretching views of the glistening blue ocean, it’s no short guess what made Mike want to leave the pouring streets of London. Mike said in a recent Q&A that really, the only thing he misses about back home is his barber.

Credit: Mike Thurston (Youtube.com)

At this current time of writing, Mike is working out at a home gym owned by one of his followers who lives in Dubai, but normally he would have the pick of quite a few luxurious gyms that come with their own pools and beach bars. This is as well as the cardio focused gym that’s in the apartment building for residents to use.

Life is not looking bad for the fitness star, as he can be seen sipping a gold leaf coffee in Dubai’s 6 star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. As this is not too far away from his current residence, we have no doubt that it’s probably not the first, nor the last golden coffee that will be sipped during this 6 month mid-life adventure escape. From the hard work that got him there in the first place, we think it’s well deserved.

Credit: Mike Thurston (Youtube.com)

From what we can tell, Mike is currently renting a white Audi R8 which can be seen below when he took it to Dubai’s Meydan Bridge which for most of the year is abandoned. Its main purpose being the VIP entrance to the Meydan Racecourse where it can accommodate over 60,000 spectators. The R8 sits perfectly with the blue lit bridge in the backdrop, home to many a supercar photoshoot, Mike took his opportunity to get a photo for the gram.

Credit: Mike Thurston (Youtube.com)

For now, things look to have slowed down and may have put a dampener on the Dubai move, as Covid19 sweeps the world. We hope Mike is staying safe, and hopefully will produce some content on how to keep ripped using home workouts and basic equipment. Until now, it looks like the adventure may be on hold


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