Mike Rashid Net Worth – Bodybuilder To Millionaire

Mike Rashid is a High Net Worth individual, with an exceptional physique and huge social media following over Instagram and Youtube. Mike wasn’t always the successful businessman he is today, he started from the bottom and worked himself to the top. He launched his first supplement company back in 2012, and sold his share for a multi million dollar price tag. Mike is considered to be one of the wealthiest fitness influencers around today with an income clearly in the top end of the 6 figure bracket. Scroll down to discover his full income and Mike Rashid net worth in detail.

Boxing To Bodybuilder

Mike Rashid started boxing at age 12, with his grit and determination he won several titles including 2 national golden gloves. Mike Rashid’s boxing career helped shape his future, developing mental strength and discipline. He still trains his boxing skills to this day, often incorporating it into his workouts for cardio, however the idea of making a career out of boxing is finished. Mike transitioned from Boxing into his bodybuilding, and put the same determination into his craft.

Bodybuilding Career

Mike Rashid is most famous for his physique. Mike is a physical representation of mind-body control, and despite using meat and dairy products in the past to obtain his current appearance, he now opts for a plant based diet. 

After competing professionally in bodybuilding during 2012-2014 and also dipped his toes into the world of powerlifting. He then worked his way up in bodybuilding to compete at WBFF pro level, and has inspired hundreds of thousands of his followers to change their physique for the better. 

Mike Rashid weight currently sits at around 95-100kgs (209lbs-220lbs) and is in peak physical condition. Mike has experimented a lot with his diet, sometimes preaching a one meal a day diet, where he consumes all his calories for the day in one sitting and will fast the rest of the day.

Mike Rashid Net Worth & Income Sources

Mike has multiple streams of income through businesses such as his Training app, YouTube ads, Ambrosia Collective and Trifecta Nutrition. These businesses combined create a whopping monthly income for Mike Rashid.

The Muscle&Wealth team have spent many hours researching and filtering out all the BS when it comes to the financials of Mike Rashid. You’ll find many net worth websites claiming silly figures with no actual supporting evidence. So without further delay, here is everything we found out:

Mike Rashid net worth in 2022 is around $14,000,000. This could be more, depending on the value of his holdings in his shared companies if he were to sell. Mike earns a yearly income of around $7,000,000 from all the businesses and streams of income found below.


Mike Rashid started Youtube in 2011 and focused on growing his audience with no monetization enabled on his videos. In 2012 things take off and the channel was starting to pull in the viewers, so Mike enabled adverts on his channel. 

Mike Rashids Youtube is now at 1.4 million subscribers, and gets an average of 100k views per video. We know the average earnings per 1000 views in this niche by comparing with other confirmed Youtubers who have verified and shown their own similar earnings such as the UK based MattDoesFitness channel – We published Mattdoesfitness full net worth HERE. 

He currently earns around $2,000 – $2,500 per video, but he puts out anywhere from 5-8 videos per month. This means on a good month, Mike Rashid’s youtube earnings can reach heights of $18,000 a month. For a more realistic figure, we’ll lower this to $16,000 a month and x12 it to get a yearly income of $192,000 towards Mike Rashid’s net worth.

Supplement Companies

Mike started his first supplement company whilst trying to come up with his own product for personal use. Mike explained in a video interview that he liked the effects of pre workout, but didn’t like all the side effects that came with it. He started taking photos of supplement ingredients and researching them, to try and filter out what worked for him, and remove what didn’t.

Whilst starting to develop his own pre workout, Mike measured ingredients by eye and almost killed himself. Mike explained he was using a teaspoon, and measuring in grams instead of mg, almost putting him in a coma for the day. 

After partnering with another investor, they agreed on the formula and launched the brand. Within the first month Mike made 3k profit, they started adding products and grew the company. Direct to consumer sales meant that for every $1 million made, Mike would make 600k profit. 

After selling his stake in this company for over $1.5m and investing it into his new startup Ambrosia, Mike made $1 million in sales within the first 12 months. The product was selling out and continues to sell well to this day. 

Ambrosia Collective has now grown to a worldwide brand, with products being stocked in major US chain stores and even reaching out to Australian retailers. In an interview with lifehack, Mike revealed that this company now generates Mike a massive yearly income of $3,500,000!

Mike Rashid Training App

Mike’s fitness app costs $29.99 a month, with around 2,000 subscribers, this nets him $59,980 per month. He does however, run monthly prize giveaways to the top clients using his app. Mike gives away roughly $15,000 a month to 3 winners who complete the monthly challenges.

This means that the Mike Rashid Training App earns him $539,760 per year after deducting the $180k in yearly prize money. 

Trifecta Nutrition

Mike Rashid part owns Trifecta Nutrition, the healthy meal delivery business. Trifecta nutrition is a huge earner here, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers getting their meals delivered to them every week. Trifecta is a large company, headed by a group of business minded board members and 20+ staff. Mike is one of 3 partners in the business, although he is not an original founder of the company. This brings in around $2.8m per year for Mike.


What is Mike Rashid’s Age?

He was born on 18th March 1982 which makes him 40 years old at time of writing (2022) He was born and raised in New York. 

Mike Rahid Height

Exactly 6 foot tall, which actually puts him below the average height for a heavyweight boxer. 

Mike Rashid Weight

Mike puts his current 2022 weight at 215lbs, as stated in his bio on the trifecta nutrition website.

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