Heidi Somers Reveals New HQ! Before & After

Heidi Somers, A.K.A BuffBunny has unveiled her new headquarters for her BuffBunny clothing brand and it’s simply amazing. We will show you the transformation pictures showing the before and after shots, from the home/office workspace to the pink power HQ it is today.

Heidi bought this house as a place to bring affiliates when they were in town, as well as a premises to show off her latest collections and shoot photos for her fashion range. The home features an all new office, kitchen space, a custom built waterfall and a CEO office with electric privacy glass.

Distribution is still handled by her boyfriend, Christian Guzman, with his Alphalete Distribution company. You can also see throughout the home, offerings of 3D Energy, another one of Christians companies. Everything else in the house though is full on BB, with pink closets, gold wall decor and marble running throughout the build. Hani, the designer has done a fantastic job with the transformation and we want to jump straight in and show you some before and after photos:

Design Room Before

Design Room After

Hats off to Hani, the designer – this really is a transformation. A partition wall has been added with two big white doors opening up into a center counter top with a white marble finish accompanied by gold and champagne coloured stools. This is the Design Room. From here, materials can be discussed, drawings can be shared and products can be tweaked. The lighting in this room is mostly natural, with the exception of the gold hanging oval lights over the counter adding indirect lighting if needed.

Private CEO Office Before:

Private CEO Office After:

This will be for the BuffBunny herself, with the pink folding doors opening up into the kitchen. From here Heidi can work in natural lighting in this open and airy room, without feeling shut off from the rest of the building. If needed, Heidi can flick the switch on these opaque doors, turning them non-transparent and offering a new level of privacy for important phone calls or private meetings.

Bae Cave Before:

Bae Cave After:

Employees can chill out here amongst the stress of busy events like launch week, featuring a day bed where Heidi encourages the fact you can take a nap here if needed. It also doubles up as an excellent place to take photos.

The rest of the house follows the same open plan and bright theme with pink, gold and marble flowing throughout. In this section of the house. The photo above is the showroom, where the collection can be showcased to affiliates & athletes when they’re in town. This room features a custom build waterfall between two LED wall lights, as well as a hanging chandelier in the center of the room.

The whole house is an unbelievable transformation into the new buff bunny headquarters and we love the new design. It’s amazing to see people doing well, and Heidi has come a long way since starting her company so congratulations on hitting another milestone.  Heidi’s latest launch was on January 25th and was a huge success, if you missed this one then keep an eye out for the next one as we’re sure it will be bigger and better as always.

Where is Buffbunny located?

The Buffbunny business registered address is – 10600 Corporate Drive, Stafford, Texas 77477. Although the actual Buffbunny HQ is based in Texas, the exact home location is unknown for privacy reasons. This is probably to stop visitors and fans turning up to take photos and interupt the work day.

What do you think of the new BuffBunny HQ? Let us know below and check out the full house tour on Heidi’s channel below:

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