Christian Guzman and Girlfriend Heidi Somers Update 2022

How long have Christian Guzman and girlfriend Heidi Somers been dating?

Christian Guzmans girlfriend is Heidi Somers, they first got together in 2017 after Christian revealed to his youtube and social media that he’d found a new girlfriend. This was a delight to most fans, although some were left with mixed feelings due to the freshness of Christian Guzmans breakup with ex girlfriend Nikki Blacketter. Christian recently sold his first house in April 2022, which he bought when he planned to move in with Nikki back in 2017.

Christian and his girlfriend Heidi have since gone from strength to strength and are now considered a true power couple in the fitness industry. Christian Guzman and girlfriend Heidi Somers have now been together for 5 years from 2017 until the time of writing (2022)

Do Christian and Heidi Live Together?

YES! They have been living together in Texas now for a few years, in a 3 story town house that backs onto a lake. Heidi and Christian live together with their dogs, and often have guests stay over in the guest suite on the lower floor such as Nabil (Video editor and producer)

When Will Christian Guzman and Heidi Somers Get Married?

This is the question that always pops up whenever the couple do a Q&A video together on Youtube, and the answer is only known to one man at the moment. However, we think that fans of the couple might not have to wait long, because the biggest stress of Christians life for the last 2-3 years has been the opening of Alphaland gym. Now that Alphaland is open, and things are starting to go back to normal after Covid-19, it’s very possible that Christian will be down on one knee to propose to Heidi sometime in the next 12 months! For now though, she is still Christian Guzmans girlfriend.

Is There Rivalry Between Buffbunyy and Alphalete?

In many recent interviews, both Heidi Somers and Christian Guzman are open on this subject. Heidi was recently interviewed with Max Chewning, and shared that she doesn’t see the brands as the same type of company despite the shared industry. The fitness clothing market is a rough 200B$ industry and both the Buffbunny Collection and the Alphalete brand have helped each other grow over the last few years due to the shared exposure from the owners. 

In past relationships, Heidi mentioned that she was the breadwinner of the relationship, but now it would seem both are bringing home the bacon when it comes to the finances and have no issue paying for their own lifestyles. Christian Guzmans girlfriend history should show that he actually needs a woman with her own success.

Is Running A Business Hard On The Relationship?

Again, in interviews with the pair, Christian Guzman and his girlfriend Heidi Somers have both said that running separate businesses is part of what attracted them to each other in the first place. Heidi said that they try not to talk about the negative side of their work when they’re with each other in the evenings, and instead share the fun sides of their days to keep the load light when it comes to both of them running multi-million dollar empires.

In Summary

Both Christian Guzman and Heidi Somers both seem very happy in their relationship, and despite no mention of an engagement, we’d bet on it being in the next 12 months now that the pandemic is coming to an end. Both Alphalete and Buffbunny collection are thriving, and the pair continue to grow as a couple.

What do you think of their relationship, do you have any predictions on the future? Let us know in the comments