Chris Bumstead Net Worth – Full Income Breakdown

Many of you will know him as Chris Bumstead, but most know him as the legend that is, CBUM. Chris is a Canadian born professional IFBB bodybuilder, competing in the Classic Physique category of the Mr Olympia competition. He also runs multiple businesses and a Youtube channel with close to 2M subscribers, because of this, Chris Bumstead’s net worth is forever growing. We will break down every source of Cbums income and explore his achievments along the way.

Bodybuilding Career

Chris Bumstead was born on the 2nd February 1995 in Ottawa, Canada, and after leaving high school he focused on his goal to become a weightlifting icon for the world to see. Cbum started weightlifting at just 14 years old, and at 19 he competed in his first serious bodybuilding competition in 2014. Just 3 years later Chris won the 2016 North America IFBB championship.

FUN FACT: When Chris was 21, he shared a house with his sister and brother in-law Iain Valliere. They were the only IBB pro’s in the whole city of Ottawa at the time.

Despite Chris Bumstead’s steroid usage, he never wanted to get to the HUGE physique that is required to compete professionally for the Mr Olympia title. Because of this, Chris decided he was going to switch his sights over to the classic division of the Olympia competition, and over the last few years has dominated in his class. 

Mr Olympia Classic Physique Results

  • 2017 – 2nd place
  • 2018 – 2nd place
  • 2019 – 1st place
  • 2020 – 1st place
  • 2021 – 1st place

Chris Bumstead started competing in the Mr Olympia Classic Physique in 2017, coming 2nd place 2 years in a row before winning the last 3 Mr Olympia Classic titles. Chris plans on competing for a few more years, before retiring young and focusing on his businesses and growing his net worth. Which brings us naturally on to our next subject…

What is Chris Bumstead’s Net Worth

After winning 3 Olympia titles, starting his own nutrition company and clothing line, Cbum is on his way to becoming a giant within the fitness business. We will break down each line of income, from his winnings to business earnings, in as much detail as possible. In a quick summary…

Chris Bumstead Net Worth is $2,640,000.00

Despite being worth over 2 million dollars, Chris still wants to compete in the Olympia for the next few years before settling down to focus more on his businesses. This includes his Youtube videos, supplement companies and training. Cbum also mentioned he wanted to upgrade his house after a few years, and rent his current one out as another source of income.

Read on for the full in depth analysis of Chris Bumsteads income and let us know if any of these shocked you in the comment section.

Mr Olympia Winnings

Things get a little blurry around the Mr Olympia winnings when it comes to other online sources for Cbums Net Worth, it seems some publications get confused with the Mr Olympia and the Mr Olympia sub categories like the Classic Physique.

We can confirm that Chris Bumstead has earned $130,000 TOTAL from the Mr Olympia competition run so far. The main Olympia competition gets the majority of the media attention and therefore prize money, which is currently $400k for 1st place with previous winners including Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Bumstead Mr Olympia winnings breakdown

  • 2017 – 2nd place earning $10,000
  • 2018 – 2nd place earning $10,000
  • 2019 – 1st place earning $30,000
  • 2020 – 1st place earning $30,000
  • 2021 – 1st place earning $50,000

YouTube Earnings

The Chris Bumstead YouTube channel has ammased nearly 2 MILLION subscribers, which seems to be growing more rapid each month. The views in the last 12 months have almost doubled and Chris consistently gets 500k + views on each one of his videos. This is the main factor when calculating the Youtube earnings, as many channels have high subscribers but average around 100k-200k views. In our article detailing the net worth for Mike Rashid, we analyised his Youtube channel and despite having more subscribers he had less monthyl viewers.

This surge in popularity for Cbum means that some of his videos have frequently broke into the 1 million+ views which puts him in a great position for ad revenue.

Based on these figures, we can calculate Chris Bumstead to earn around $325,000-$360,000 per year from his Youtube channel alone. This is taking in to account he pays a full time videographer and video editor to help him produce the content.

Raw Nutrition

In september 2021 Cbum officially joined Raw Nutrition as a co-owner of the business. Talks of this were already in place before Raw Nutrition was founded, but Chris was already in a contract with Jacked Factory at the time. 

Since joining the team at Raw, Chris has released his own line of supplements and drawn huge attention to the brand including the apparel side of the business. Raw nutrition sells wholesale to over 164 brick and mortar stores across the US now, with 20% of total sales coming direct through their online shop. Raw nutrition supplements can also be purchased through many online ecom stores.

Raw Fitness has grown to become a huge success, with revenue estimates of around $5,000,000 – $5,500,000 so far. This has to go towards stock, warehousing, shipping and all other business expenses + paying the 30+ employees & athletes. 

After all this is calculated, we can expect to add around $800,000 to Chris Bumstead net worth from Raw Nutrition.

CBUM Fitness Merch Website

This is Chris’s personal site, selling his popular clothing line which mainly features the T-shirts we often see him wearing. The website gets around 260k visits a month in traffic, with an average ecom conversion rate of 2% this gives us around 5200 monthly orders with an average value of $35 per order. 

This puts the CBUM Fitness site at $182k monthly turnover and somewhere around $100,000 profit per month, bringing in a yearly total of around $1.2m profit. 

BUM Coaching

Chris Bumstead has a coaching platform that allows him to share his expertise gained during his Mr Olypmpia career so far. This can either be paid in a yearly payment of $75.99 or $8.99 per month. Currently the app has around 20k downloads, which nets him around $150,000 a year from coaching.

The Cbum app includes daily workouts, “exclusive content” and the chance to be part of the Cbum community of like minded people.

The real selling point of the app is the live group calls, where Chris will answer your questions in the Facebook live private group to engage with the members of his program. 

Exclusive content includes things like motivational videos, instructional workout videos and lifestyle vlogs exploring the Chris Bumstead day-to-day life.

What Does Chris Spend His Fortune On?

Cbums House

Well, the main thing you would expect from a high net worth individual like Chris Bumstead, is to buy a home. In April of 2020 that’s exactly what he did, roughly setting him back around $500,000 which is a lot of money when you’re buying a house on your own. Although Chris Bumstead has a girlfriend (Courtney King) he is thought to have purchased the home in his own name. 

Cbums Truck

Cbum also drives his iconic 1978 Ford F-150 Lariat which set him back roughly $50k at the time of purchase. For a 1970s Ford, the truck is in great condition, with no rusting and the original interior intact. Chris has plans to lower the truck and possibly respray the truck, but for now the thing is a beast and looks great the way it is. No doubt, if it’s kept in good condition then the F-150 Lariat will increase in value over the years.

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