Best Pre Workout 2020

Every year there is a shuffle around for who wins the top spot of best pre workout, will older products remain victorious or will new products step onto the podium. A lot of these top 5 lists will be from sites that can make the most money out of affiliate links, they probably have never tested a pre workout before. This list is designed to give you a TRUE and honest review, to help you choose your next pre workout. We’ve tested some of the best supplements available and this is our top 5 best pre workout 2020. 

Jumping in at the top spot, for us this pre workout is still the heavyweight contender and deserves its #1 spot with a perfect balance of price and performance. 2 scoops of the curse, and you’ve hit your 300mg max for caffeine combined with its other explosive heart pounding formula that sends you into the gym determined to lift! They’ve also nailed the taste, not too sweet and not too sour, blue raspberry is probably our favourite. If you haven’t tried Cobra Labs – The Curse already then you should definitely give it a go!

Next up at #2 we have the late Rich Piana’s pre workout by 5% nutrition. For years Rich dominated in bringing his supplement line up to the world standard and while some products are hit or miss, his pre workout is definitely one of the best. This pre workout will power you through the nitty gritty and squeeze out those extra reps with a killer look on your face. You can buy it here and check out the reviews:

Our next pre workout is a fairly new pre workout and let me tell you, it kicks! Formulated by hustlin labs, the minds of a bodybuilder and a pharmacist came together to bring you Vaso Rush. Tropical Punch is the favourite and it brings you intense focus and gives you an amazing pump! The workouts we had on this stuff were impressive, it may be a bit pricier than others which is why it falls in at 3rd but the workouts this enables are incredible! Its not available on Amazon so you’ll have to visit the hustlin labs online store:

Coming in at number 4 is Demon Labs pre workout Beast. Not only is this an amazing pre workout, but the price at just £17.99 at time of writing for a huge 40 servings is insane! This will be a guilt free purchase and the pre workout itself is packing a punch. Just 1 scoop is 200mg of caffeine, meaning the “high strength serving” does put you over the advised daily limit of 300mg but if you’ve built up a tolerance to caffeine, it’s your call! This pre workout is Amazons choice for pre workout, and its not hard to see why.

#5th place is Evlution Nutrition ENGN pre workout. When I first tried this stuff, it blew me away! You wont find a shortage of 5 star reviews for this product, the only downside is the price at £32. The taste is spot on, and the workout is insane. You get a lot of focused energy, clear thoughts and the urge to lift your PR everytime you step foot in the gym. This is a serious pre workout, but for those with deeper pockets perhaps

So that’s our top 5 pre workouts for 2020, let us know in the comments if you think we should have included anything different or swapped some results around.

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